Ecocep Ltd is an active and innovative compagny that offers to its customers comprehensive
environmental technologies. The main objective of Ecocep is to build strong relationship with
customers and deliver quality certified product and services.
The compagny has very large and dynamic network for projecting and engineering for
renewable energy, wastewater, solid waste, drinking water. Being in the centre of
technologies, Ecocep Oy offers solutions while the customer is in the center of the
designing process. Due to this confidence, the compagny manages risk and minimises various
responsibilities that result in succeful projects.

  • Wastewater is critical issue, but treating it is our reason to insure better clobe and
    reduce poverty in the world
  • Waste management is an opportunity, but if not ceased it will become an enemey
  • Landfill shall not be a hinderer but an opportunity to enjoy a green area, pure
    electricity, and collected, treated leachate.
  • Potable water isa goal for someones in the 20th century while it is basic
    preocupation for others since more than five decades.
  • Public and private sector, NGOs and financial institutions are giving oportunity
    to save the environment with new and adapted tchnologies.
  • Making opportunities to everyone is the ultimate activity to reduce poverty gap.
  • Through the environment everyone can have better life, be loved, achieve dreams.

projecter for better clobe

Ecocep Ltd is cooperating with long experienced finnish and Nordic companies as well other emerging countries engineering
capabilities. Operating in Europe, America, Africa and the Asia, Ecocep is well integrated in the Midlle East, Africa, and Asia